Øygarden County is the northernmost municipality with a connection to the mainland in the archipelago Sotra outside Bergen. The municipality has just over 4000 inhabitants. Traditional livelihoods are shipping and fishing. Today, however, petroleum and tourism are the most important industries.

Øygarden consists of a series of islands connected by nearly a dozen bridges, similar to The Florida Keys. Hellesøyni is the northernmost of these with a connection to the mainland and thus comparable to Key West.

On the Hellesøyni you can find a port with mainly older boat houses, a new leisure complex with apartments, floating docks and boats and a large marina. At the harbor you can also find a shop, a ferry to Hernar - the most northerly inhabited island in Øygarden - and a fantastic atmosphere created by the open sea, the sun, the wind and the inhabitants' hospitality.

Øygarden - and in particular Hellesøy - is widely known for its picturesque surroundings and its good fishing. On this idyllic island we offer varied maritime activities such as fishing, diving and other boating activities. A good alternative is also simply to enjoy a lot of fresh air in a calm and relaxing atmosphere out here by the ocean shore.

If you only need a boat for a day of fishing or a trip in the sunshine we are at your service.

Fishing – Recreation for body and soul

Spend a day at Hellesøy with a fishing rod, a packed lunch and a thermos. Seek out one of the many fine spots for shore fishing. Combine it with a visit to the restaurant at Hellesøy for lunch or dinner. If you don't have a fishing rod you can rent one at Hellesøy.

We can't guarantee that you catch any fish, but we guarantee an experience of sea air, the wind in your hair and a unique atmosphere.

Avhengig av årstid har du mulighet for å få de fleste atlantiske fiskearter på kroken, fra sild og makrell til steinbit og breiflabb.  Det du vil få mest av er nok torsk, hyse (kolje), lange og brosme samt sei og lyr og selvsagt så mye makrell du vil ha i makrellsesongen.

Depending on the season you will have the opportunity to catch most Atlantic fish species, from herring and mackerel to catfish and monkfish. What you will get most often is cod, haddock, ling and tusk and coalfish and pollack and mackerel obviously so much you want in the mackerel season.

Recreation – with sea air as the main ingredient

One of our biggest attractions on Hellesøy is the peace and tranquility and an atmosphere of day to day life adapted to the natural elements. Spend one day or three at Hellesøy, take the ferry to the islands Lyngøy, Hernar or Nordøy and enjoy the magnificent scenery, have a chat with one of the island's inhabitants, visit the store at Hernar that opens when you knock on the door.

Start the day at the shop on Hellesøy with a cup of coffee along with some of Hellesøys residents, continue with a tour of the North Sea Trail to the old Hjelme church which is beautifully situated in the Helme bay. Visit the Coastal Heritage Museum on Oen and learn the story of how the church was built by volunteers.

Spend the day in the boat where you slowly explore the islands, straits and channels in northern Øygarden enjoying the sea air and the weather whether it is quiet or windy.

We can arrange a guide for Nordsjøløypa and a sightseeing boat if desired.